Daily Reading 4.27.2010

2 Samuel chapters 11-18

Some real and some potential consequences of David committing adultery with Bathsheba

  1. The people in David’s courts see the whole thing and help him commit the sin
  2. David lies
  3. David is deceitful
  4. David gets angry
  5. David kills Uriah
  6. Nathan rebukes David (interesting that he uses a lamb illustration seeing that David was a shepherd boy)
  7. David indicts himself
  8. The sword never departs from David’s house (12:10)
  9. God will take David’s wives before his eyes and give them to his neighbor
  10. David did his sin secretly but he will be disgraced before all Israel and all the sun
  11. David repents and is forgiven
  12. The child conceived by Bathsheba dies
  13. Solomon is born
  14. David’s sin then spreads to his children
  15. Amnon (son) rapes Tamar (daughter)
  16. Absalom (son) murders Amnon (son)
  17. Ahithophel (Grandfather of Bathsheba) the great counselor of David leaves David and goes to Absalom
  18. Absalom leads rebellion against his father David
  19. David begins fleeing for his life
  20. Absalom is killed
  21. David grieves death of Absalom

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