The close of 2 Samuel

Breakdown of chapter 24

  1. The anger of the LORD is kindled against Israel
  2. The LORD incites David against them
  3. David convinces Joab to number the people
  4. They number the people (take a census)
  5. David is convicted of his sin of numbering the people (probably due to pride to show what he had accomplished)
  6. David repents
  7. God offers 3 consequences to choose from (1)3 years of famine (2)3 months of fleeing from enemy (3) 3 days of pestilence
  8. David responds “Let us fall into the hand of the LORD, for His mercy is great but let me not fall into the hand of man.”
  9. The Lord sent pestilence
  10. When the angel stretched out his hand towards Jerusalem the LORD relented and told the angel to stop
  11. God proved to be merciful and stopped when it seems the angel would have continued
  12. 70,000 people die because of 3 day pestilence
  13. David again acknowledges his sin
  14. David will not  sacrifice to God that costs him nothing so he buys the oxen and threshing floor from Araunah

Interesting end to 2 Samuel. Another interesting thing is in chapter 21 where David goes out to battle with the army. Seems like he learned his lesson from the last time he stayed home and sent out his army to do his bidding.


One thought on “The close of 2 Samuel

  1. thank you for posting your reading everyday. i look forward to reading your outline during the day. it is always an encouragment! oh i was wondering if you could recommend any good uplifting music for children/toddlers? are you able to post it?

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