Sunday Sermon
Here are my notes, formatting is terrible still getting used to this

Dr. Jack “Signs of the Second Coming – Tribulation” Luke 17:30-33

3 Truths about the Tribulation that occurs before the return of Jesus

  1. Second coming brings judgment on the earth and salvation for the righteous

– Jesus is coming to punish the world
– When we ask “Thy kingdom come” we are asking God to judge the world
– Though people will be judged and damned to Hell we, as Christians, should eagerly await the appearing of the Lord and long for His return
– Saving grace is undeserved
– Men will not receive the love of the truth so they will perish
– Men are responsible for their actions and their own condemnation
– God’s sovereignty and mans culpability are friends not enemies

2. During the Tribulation escaping judgment is the priority
– Tribulation is 7 year period when God turns attention back towards Israel and also a time of judgment on the earth
– During that time Jesus tells those during that period to run
– Run for your life during tribulation and go back for nothing
– Second half of tribulation called “Great Tribulation” (Matt 24:31; Rev 7:14)
– When you see Abomination of Desolation, RUN!
– Daniel 9:24-27 describes Abomination of Desolation when Antichrist breaks covenant with Israel
– Flee to mountains and receive protection from God (Dan 11; Rev12:6)
3. Remember Lots wife
A. Religious privilege she enjoyed

  • related to Abraham (Father of Faith)
  • Righteous Lot was her husband
  • Angels visit
  • Taken by the hand of Angels to escape
  • Direct revelation from God through Angel
  • B. Particular sin

  • God does not treat sin lightly
  • God specifically told them not to look back, she looked back
  • C. Judgment God inflicted

  • No sin too small, all sin deserves death
  • People who love and live for this world get judgment
  • Because of disobedience Lot’s wife was judged
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