Veritas Sunday morning

Erik Swanson “Unity part 1” Philippians 2:1-3

Unity is difficult because of sin, sin is a barrier to unity
Sin naturally divides people and conflicts ensue
Since we are not dominated by sin, unity is possible
Subject of Unity flows through whole NT
Quick survey of the Pauline letters showing unity importance
Jesus prays for unity (John 17:20-23)
How far should we go to achieve unity? Should we lay aside doctrine for the sake of unity?
What does Biblical unity look like?
Unity is important but most people are illiterate or clueless about what Biblical unity is

“3 Vital Aspects of Biblical Unity”

I. Precursor of Unity

What is unity? What come before unity like clouds before the storm

Def. of Precursor – something that comes before something else

  1. Encouragement in Christ
    1. Come alongside to help some one
  2. Comfort from Love
    1. Speak comfort to someone that is generated by love
  3. Fellowship/Participation in the Spirit
    1. the Holy Spirit is the glue or banding agent in unity
    2. there is One Spirit that indwells All believers
    3. partner with one another

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