One of my all time favorite portions of Scripture 1 Kings 12-13

In chapter 12 the kingdom (Israel) is torn in two because of God’s word to Solomon and because of his son (Rehoboam) harsh declaration to the people saying things like “Solomon disciplined you with whips but I will discipline you with scorpions.” Jeroboam led the other opposing half of Israel. Since Jerusalem was where Rehoboam still was King, Jeroboam made golden calves for the people to worship so they would not go back to Jerusalem to sacrifice and have their hearts won back to the house of David (Rehoboam).
How Jeroboam altered the worship of God but claimed it to be the same old thing:
1. Changed the object (but made it out to be the same God “behold your gods who brought you out of Egypt)
2. Changed location (supposed to be in Jerusalem but he put it in Dan and Bethel)
3. Changed priests (Appointed priests from rank and file not Levites)
4. Changed time (he devised a time in his own heart)

Then comes the Man of God in chapter 13 here are highlights
1. Jeroboam standing by alter and the man of God curses it
2. Jeroboam stretches out his arm against man og God and it dries up
3. Jeroboam asks the man of God to entreat the LORD
4. The man of God heals Jeoboam through entreating the LORD
5. Jeroboam offers a reward to the man of God
6. The man of God says “If you give me half of your house I will not go with you. And I will not eat bread or drink water in this place, for so was it commanded me by the word of the LORD.”
7. The man of God leaves and takes a differesnt way home than when he came
8. A old prophet lies to the man of God ad tells him that an angel spoke to him and said it was ok for the man of God to drink water and eat bread
9. The man of God compromises the message God gave him for the false message the of the lying prophet
10. The old prophet then prophesies against the man of God a true prophesy
11. The man of God is killed by a lion on the way
12. The lion does not eat the body nor does he harm the donkey, in fact the lion stays right next to the body and donkey until the body is taken away
13. The lying prophet affirms the man of God and wants to be buried nest to him

The message here is no compromise. The man of God starts out doing well and stands against the false worship, the threats of the king, and even the delights or reward of the king. Yet when the old lying prophet comes he compromises the word of God that was given to him.


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