Sunday Sermon 5.16.2010

“Your Persistent Prayers Pay Off”
Dr. Jack Hughes Luke 18:1-8

Def of Prayer – Means by which God gives us what He wants
Prayer is not for us getting what we want
God doesn’t hear the prayers of the wicked or unrepentant believer
More people praying at same time does not increase odds of desired outcome
Praying at a certain time doesn’t influence outcome
Prayers always answered (yes, yes but wait, no)
Holy Spirit intercedes for believers and helps tweek prayers
Prayer is for our blessing and God’s glory
Prayer magnifies God and Praise of God
God always answers prayers for our good
Prayer is never a waste of time, not praying is always a waste of time
God’s sovereignty is a reason for prayer not a reason against it
Prayer is not us controlling God, instead it is God controlling us

5 Elements of prayer to not lose heart

1. Pray at all times
– most opposition from enemy is against prayer
– must pray all the more
– praying is most vital yet most easy to overlook
– pray not only during structured times but spontaneously
2. Do not lose heart
– do not grow weary or give up
– be persistent in seeking the LORD
– when you feel abandoned and alone, do not lose heart
3. Be persistent in prayer
– God is not like the unjust judge, it is a “if this person did this how much more would God do it”
– God’s children do not need to nag or hound God for Him to answer, He desires to do so
4. Don’t fear injustice
– God always brings speedy justice for His elect
– the elect will receive justice
– When Son of Man comes, justice will be speedy
5. Live life of faith
– prayer is act of faith, persistence in prayer is faith
– pray and be persistent!


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