Two accounts of David’s census…check out the variables(marked in red)

2 Samuel 24

  1. God is angry at Israel and He incites David to number the people
  2. Joab asks why David wants to do this and advises against it
  3. 1,300,000 men are counted
  4. David becomes convicted and repents
  5. God presents 3 different punishments to choose from
  6. David chooses pestilence over famine and enemy attack
  7. 70,000 men die
  8. God stops the angel from destroying Jerusalem
  9. David prays to the LORD to stop
  10. David buys the threshing floor and builds an alter

1 Chronicles 21

  1. Satan stands against Israel and incites David to number the people
  2. Joab asks why the king wants to do it and asks why David would bring guilt upon Israel
  3. 1,570,000 men are counted
  4. Joab purposefully miscounts the people by not including the Levites and others
  5. God was displeased and struck Israel
  6. David becomes convicted of sin and repents
  7. Presented with three options and chooses pestilence
  8. 70,000 men die
  9. God stops angel from destroying Jerusalem
  10. David and elders fall face first before the Lord in sackcloth asking Him to stop the punishment
  11. David asks for the punishment to fall on Him not the people (truly repentant heart)
  12. David buys threshing floor and builds alter
  13. God commands the destroying angel to put sword back in sheath

Interesting differences…any thoughts on this? Like how is David responsible when God and Satan are the ones who incited him to do this? Big Sovereignty of God passage.


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