John 11 part 1

The story of Lazarus

  1. Lazarus, brother of Mary (the one who anointed and wiped Jesus feet)and Martha is ill
  2. The sisters send word to Jesus to come heal Lazarus (he must have been deathly ill for them to send word, they wouldn’t have sent word if he had a cold)
  3. Jesus loves Lazarus, Mary, and Martha
  4. Because He loves them He delays 2 days longer
  5. Jesus gives the purpose of the illness “…it is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”
  6. Where Lazarus and his sisters are a hostile group of Jews await
  7. Jesus tells the disciples that Lazarus has fallen asleep (dead)
  8. Jesus clarifies to His disciples that Lazarus is dead
  9. By the time Jesus arrives, Lazarus had already been in the tomb four days

Picture the crowd upon His arrival. The Jews who were just seeking to stone Him are there and they no doubt are stirring up the crowd with things like “See Jesus didn’t come help you” and “If He was the Messiah wouldn’t He have helped you?” So the hostile Jews are there, then the mourners who were most often there just for show not true sorrow. Then disciples who were probably a little afraid of what might transpire knowing that they would be going into some enemy territory. Then Mary and Martha who both proclaim to Jesus that if He had been there He could have saved Lazarus, implying that since Lazarus is dead the game is over and He can do nothing more, and that death has the victory. Jesus will answer all these issue with probably the most amazing miracle, besides His own resurrection, He ever did. More tomorrow…


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