Ligon Duncan on women and men in the church

“If you show me a woman who is godly, intelligent, consecrated and committed to the ministry of the church she is not interested in taking a public leadership role in the church. Instead, she is interested in exercising the gifts that God has given her, in fulfilling the role that God has given to her and supporting the Godly activity of men in leadership as much as possible. The fact of the matter is this, if men figure out that women will do a job for them they will let them. So women if you want to have a congregation full of little boys for you to take care of, then go ahead and take leadership. But if you want to have men who will do their jobs, take their responsibility, who will shepherd your souls and who will rise up and call you blessed then you just don’t allow them to fulfill those God given roles, you exalt in the fulfilling of those God given roles.”


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