John 11 part 2

The Story of Lazarus John 11:17-46

  1. When Jesus arrives Lazarus had already been buried four days
  2. Many Jews came to console Mary and Martha (maybe symbolizing that they were wealthy)
  3. Martha runs to Jesus “Lord if you would have been here my brother would not have died”
  4. Jesus explains that He is the Resurrection and that anyone who believes in Him will live even if he dies
  5. Mary runs to Jesus “Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died”
  6. Jesus is moved and greatly troubled by the weeping of Mary and the Jews
  7. Jesus goes to the tomb and weeps
  8. Some Jews say “Look how much He loved him” other say “He can heal the blind but He couldn’t heal this man”
  9. Jesus is deeply moved again and tells them to remove the stone
  10. Martha informs Jesus that it is going to stink because Lazarus has been dead for so long
  11. Jesus prays not for Himself but for others that they may believe
  12. Jesus doesn’t touch Lazarus, doesn’t give him medicine, no magic, no nothing, He simply speaks the words “Lazarus come out!” and Lazarus obeyed
  13. Many believed in Jesus because of this whole incident
  14. Some ran to the Pharisees and told them
  15. The Pharisees plot to kill both Jesus and Lazarus because of the impact of this miracle

This was not “Your Best Life Now” type of situation. Jesus allows Lazarus to die which not doubt was difficult. Remember that he died naturally from some illness, that must have been a difficult and most likely extremely painful experience. Also, Mary and Martha had to watch him suffer. Jesus could have healed Lazarus but He didn’t. He refrained so that their faith would be cemented on Jesus and that others would come to believe and most importantly to validate who He was. This miracle is amazing, surprising, and is a wake up call to many who think Jesus is out to give them comfort and ease.


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