Heaven – For the Childlike Only

Dr. Jack Hughes
Luke 18:15-17

All earthy glory comes through being the best, the smartest, the strongest etc.
What must you achieve or become to be qualified for heaven?
You must be like a child
1. Seek a blessing from the Lord for your children
– parents need to bring their children to Jesus
i. Through Prayer
ii. Through Scriptures
iii. Bring them to Church
iv. Your own example (they should see Jesus in how you live)
v. Church History

2. Don’t think your children are a waste of time
– The disciples forbade the children to come to Jesus
– Jesus commanded them to permit the children
– Somehow they thought the children were less important
– Jesus saw them just as important and as valuable
– You better care for and about children because they are the future
– it only takes 1 bad generation of parents to destroy the family, church, society etc.
– you better work to raise godly children because they will soon run the society
– children are worth the sacrifice
– Husbands must become experts in parenting and lead

3. Be like a child to enter heaven
1. Children depend upon parents for all (Christians must depend upon God for all)
2. Children trust parents completely (Christians must trust God completely)
3. Children look to parents for guidance (Christians must look to God for guidance)
4. Children are not proud of achievements (Christians must not be proud of achievements)
5. Children don’t trust knowledge (Christians shouldn’t trust knowledge, instead trust God sovereignty)
6. Children are humble and broken over sin (Christians should be humble and broken over sin)
7. Children look to parents for protection (Christians should look to God for protection)
8. Children expect loving compassion (Christians should expect loving compassion from God)
9. Children receive what they are given without question (Christians should trust God and receive what they are given)
10. Children love parents (Christians should love God)


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