Currently I am leading a small group through 1 Timothy and last week we looked at the introduction and background. This has proved so helpful for us to see and understand more fully why Paul wrote this letter to his young protege Timothy. We examined Paul’s persecution of the church (Acts 7:54-8:3) to his crazy and unthinkable conversion (Acts 9:1-19). From there we saw Paul go on at least 3 missionary journeys (and a possible fourth) planting churches and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Acts 16 we saw Paul pick up a new companion, Timothy. Why did Paul choose Timothy? He chose him because he was FAT! For those of you who don’t know FAT is an acronym for Faithful, Available, and Teachable. Here are some outstanding discipleship principles we can gather from the Paul and Timothy relationship in Acts 16:

  1. Timothy was a disciple of Christ
  2. Timothy was well spoken of by the brothers
  3. Paul was looking for someone to disciple
  4. Paul used discernment in choosing Timothy
  5. Paul made hard demands of Timothy
  6. Timothy was faithful to complete the hard demands
  7. Timothy left all for the sake of the Gospel (his mother and grandmother)

I encourage you to look at the text for yourself and find all the applications for the discipler/ disciplee relationship. When you are looking for someone to disciple look for someone who is FAT!