Are You Lawless?

1 Timothy 1:8-11

The Law is good is used properly, in other words there is a lawful and an unlawful use of God’s law
The Law is not for law keepers but instead for law breakers (the law keepers don’t need it because they fulfill it)
The Law is for the lawless, the disobedient, the ungodly, sinners, unholy and profane
In the words of Jesus “The healthy do not need a physician, but the sick do.”
Here are some of the outflows of a lawless life see if you see any in our world and your life:

  1. Children strike their parents
  2. Murderers (remember that hatred against someone is the seed sin of murder)
  3. Sexually immoral (remember that lust is the seed sin to adultery)
  4. Homosexuality
  5. Enslavers or kidnappers (stealing)
  6. Liars
  7. Perjurers

You may be asking a similar question that I was asking, what is the impetus behind all this? I believe the answer lies in the end of verse 10 “…and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine.” Did you catch that? Doctrine that is not sound leads to lawlessness and all of those external practical everyday behaviors. Doctrine is tied to how you live! If your doctrine was sound and you were living that correct doctrine out with love that comes from a pure heart, good conscience, and sincere faith you wouldn’t fall into these categories! You wouldn’t practice lawlessness.

The next question. How do I live with my life what I know to be true? Am I able? The answer is no. On your own, by your self you cannot, you are unable and unwilling.  The truth is we all start out in the category or list above. You may not have executed every sin to every degree but you have committed some or all of them to some degree. James says that if you keep the whole law and yet stumble at one point you have broken the whole thing (James 2:10). The law of God is like a piece of glass. Can you just break a tiny portion out of the middle of a piece of glass? Of course not! If you tried the whole piece would collapse in on itself and you might get cut. The law of God is similar, you break it at one point you break it all. We all have broken God’s law and we deserve punishment. But God, who is rich in mercy put forth His Son as a sacrifice to cleanse and redeem sinners (Ephesians 2:1-10). Paul is going to explain this glorious gospel in the next section, but remember that your doctrine needs to be correct, it needs to be applied, it need and it should draw you nearer to Christ who has purchased your salvation. If your doctrine does not produce these things…examine your doctrine! If your doctrine seems good…examine your application!


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