“Believers Kept in The Dark”

“Believers Kept in the Dark”
Dr. Jack Hughes
Luke 18:31-34

2,000 prophecies as laid out in OT have been fulfilled, probability of that happening is 10 to the 2000 power
How can man deny this? Romans 1:25 -> they exchange the true God for a lie
Miracles and prophecy do not guarantee saving faith
3 Facts of Jesus’ Death
1. Know the Prophecies were right
– 456 explicit prophecies fulfilled by Jesus
– Statistically impossible or miraculous
– Probability of 8 being fulfilled = 1 in 10 to the 17th power
– Jesus tells His disciples they are about to be fulfilled
– God is completely sovereign and reigns over all
– God’s position is Sovereignty
– God shows sovereignty through providence (God is never surprised)
– Concurrence = allow man a free will yet that free will is accomplishing His plan
– man is responsible yet God gets glory for working all together for His glory
2. Jesus was to die as predicted
– Delivered to Gentiles
– Mocked
– Shamefully treated
– Spit Upon
– Flogged
– Killed
– Rise on third day conquering death
– God’s great love is displayed in the terribleness of the death of Jesus
3. Know the Disciples were kept in the Dark
– The truth of the death of Jesus was hidden from them
– It wasn’t time for them to know
– Though we do not understand we trust God is sovereign and working things together for good
– Trust God for salvation
– Trust God for evangelism
– I need to acknowledge that I have no wisdom and am dependent upon God for all


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