Questions to ask to find out if you are a Legalist #1 “Who Has Bewitched you?”

Taken from C.J. Mahaney’s sermon “Interrogating the Legalist Within” from Resolved 2005

Questions to ask yourself to see if you are a legalist

1. Who Has Bewitched you?
– Legalism is like a spell that is cast over you and blinds you
– Legalism is foolishness
– Legalism regards what Jesus accomplished on the cross as insufficient
– Legalism substitutes your works in the place of the finished work of Jesus
– Legalism is self atonement
– Legalism has its origin in self worship, if people are justified through their obedience to the law then they merit praise honor and glory
– Legalism means that the praise and glory goes to the people and not to God
– The true gospel teaches that all people are fundamentally flawed by sin and thus salvation is only available by relying and trusting on God who has sent Jesus to atone for sins
– In the true gospel, God is the recipient of praise glory because He saves helpless hopeless sinners through Jesus
– The desire to obey the law as a means of justification before God, though it appears commendable, is actually an insidious way to try to gain recognition before God.
– Legalism is self atonement for the purpose of self glorification ultimately for self worship
– Let all forms of legalism be informed by these realities of its true nature and seriousness
– When you see legalism do not be casual about it, confess it for what it is “I am pursuing self atonement for the purpose of self worship”
– Legalism is like wanting to plug your name in where Jesus name is when we worship in singing and telling all to praise you
– No wonder Paul writes “O you foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?”


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