Talk is Not Cheap – God Speaks

Reading through War of Words by Paul David Tripp

Chapter 1 “God Speaks”
– God created the World by speaking “Let there be…” (Genesis 1)
– God gave language and speech to man, something He did not give to any of His other creation
– God then makes Himself know to man by speaking to Him
– Everyday every person speaks all day long
– Words direct our existence and our relationships
– Words shape our observations and define our experiences
– God not only is the God of Doing He is the God of Speaking
– God not only gives commands but also instruction on how to complete them and encouragements while doing them
– Though Adam and Eve were perfect people in a perfect world they still needed God to speak to them
– God also gives man the ability to speak with Him and with each other
– Words define, explain, and interpret
– God created language and speech and it should be used for His glory
– Sin has infected speech and created a “War of Words” where we use our speech to sin rather than glorify God
– Speech is very important and must be to the glory of God


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