Satan Speaks

Chapter 2 of Paul Tripp’s “War of Words

– we are no longer in Genesis 1 (Pre Fall)
– We live in a Genesis 3 world (Post Fall)
– In Genesis 3 Satan begins the “War of Words”
– Before this there is no sinful communication
– Immediately after the fall of man sins of the mouth appear
– all speech is submissive to God
– Satan questions God’s position, authority, and word
– Satan temps Eve to remove herself from under the authority of God
– imagine a world where every word spoken was in submission to God
– Satan begins the assault on the Word of God
– Most sins of the mouth come because we usurp the authority of God
– We don’t submit what we say to the authority of God
– We say what we want, when we want, how we want
– We speak as if we are the authority not God
– We need to speak as one who is in submission to God
– In Genesis 3 Satan takes same facts and spins the interpretation
– We don’t respond to facts, we respond to how we interpret facts
– We need to examine how God would interpret the facts
– if our interpretation is wrong, our words cannot be right
– often our speech is not the problem, how/what we believe is the problem
– good godly speech is based on truth
– when we blame shift, we ultimately blame God
– At the fall God became the scapegoat for the sins of His people (we blame Him)
– our world believes the lies of Satan not the truth of God


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