The Word in the Flesh

Paul David Tripp
War of Words
Chapter 3 The Word in the Flesh

– We live in a Genesis 3 (post Fall) world
– God broke into our world and the Word became flesh
– Jesus came to save us from sin
– Jesus empowers us and equips us
– Because of what He did we can speak in a worthy manner
– The tongue is humanly un-tamable (James 3:7-8)
– We must allow God to work on our heart
– Our speech needs to be changed from within not without
– No skill set or technique can solve our speech
– Your words either (1) are in submission to God or (2) in submission to Satan (father of lies)
– Deep spiritual problems cannot be solved by a few good communication principles
– There is a spiritual battle and it’s over your heart

Stinging Quote:
“Recently I watched my sons argue with each other…they both spoke out of pain, frustration and anger, impatience and jealousy. They weren’t speaking to solve problems or listening to understand. Their words were simply weapons in a war…I realized I had never taught my boys how to argue and fight…They had a natural talent to use words to do exactly what their angry hearts desired…”


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