Jim Galbraith

This weekend Carla and I packed the family into the car and headed to the funeral/memorial service for Jim Galbraith. The service was much more a celebration than a somber event. His funeral made me ask some questions that I will now pose to you. Would your funeral be a celebration? Would your funeral be a celebration of the fact that by God’s grace you lived a life of singular focus and devotion on the glory of God? Would your funeral celebrate a  life that was summed up by the name and gospel of Jesus Christ? Would your funeral celebrate that God used you to draw others unto Himself? Would your funeral celebrate a life lived and walked by the Holy Spirit? Would your funeral celebrate that you boasted only in Jesus Christ and Him crucified? Would your funeral celebrate that you walked humbly with God? Would people celebrate God’s goodness, grace and mercy at your funeral? Would people at your funeral celebrate that you pointed them to Jesus and spurred them on to love Him and live more boldly for Him? Would people celebrate you or God at your funeral? Does the idea of celebrating at a funeral seem strange to you?

Celebrating the fact and current reality that Jim Galbraith is right now with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not strange, it is the natural and correct response for every true believer. Leaving this world of pain and sin to arrive in the presence of Jesus is something to celebrate and long for. Do you long for that? Do you long to see Jesus and be with Him? If not, then something is terribly wrong. Something needs to change in your life. You need to get right with Jesus and repent of your sins and believe and trust in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:1-10). Jesus came to save sinners (his enemies) and to reconcile them with God in His flesh (Romans 5:10-11). A right relationship with God through Jesus Christ gives you that hope and life transformation. It gives you that longing to see Him and be with Him. But if you are hostile towards Him and reject Him, it is no wonder that you do not long to see Him. Instead, the thought of seeing Him face to face scares you and strikes fear into your heart.

What is your response to seeing Jesus, excitement and joy or fear and dread? If the second, turn to Jesus and embrace Him as Lord and Savior.


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