If you saw fruit…

If you were in you friend’s backyard and saw a fruit tree that was abundant with fruit on it or maybe a vegetable garden that was full of vegetables and nice rich dark soil, who would you give credit to? Would you pick up the fruit and tell it how great it was for being so great? Would you pick up the vine or touch the tree and praise it for giving the fruit or vegetable all of the vitamins and minerals it needed to be so great? Probably not. Instead, you would turn to your friend who had cared for the fruit and vegetables and tell them they did a great job. You would praise them for how they had pruned and cared for the tree and plants. The beauty of the fruits and vegetables would make you praise the gardener. Well the same goes with God. In John 15 we find out that God is the Gardener, Jesus is the Vine, and we are the fruit. You and I should be living lives that when people see them they praise God. People should not praise you, you are simply the fruit of God working in your life through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. People should be giving praise and honor to God for working in your life so there would be fruit.

Does this describe your life?
When you look at your life is there any fruit?
Do others praise God because of how He is working in your life?


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