Pray for Kavita

Every Friday morning I meet with a group of men. We talk through the Scriptures, hold each other accountable, and acquire prayer requests. This morning the Lord had a special gift for us and her name was Kavita. Two weeks ago we met Kavita and were only able to talk at a superficial level about how she lived in her van, the new job she was applying for, and how she had lived in Israel. This morning we went much deeper with her. Kavita saw us and asked to sit with us and ask us a few questions. She had questions about God’s sovereignty, man’s sinfulness, and the inerrancy (completely accuracy with no errors) of the Bible. Thankfully my friend was constantly bringing the conversation back to the gospel. Though those topics are important, they cannot save. Only faith in Jesus Christ can save and that is where my friend took her. Kavita seemed enthralled with the hour and a half conversation and asked us to pray with her and we gave her a Bible. Please pray for Kavita, that she would be truly saved and that she would trust in Jesus Chris as her Lord and savior.

Praise the Lord for His grace to be able to share His Word, what a privilege.


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