The Whole Duty of Man – Truth’s From God’s Word 6.29.2011

“The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 ESV)

Imagine going to a courtroom that had a judge on the bench who personally witnessed every crime he passed judgement on, saw all who were involved and the parts that they played in every case, and in every case he knew the motives of those involved. What kind of a ruling would this judge render? Would it be a wrong judgement? Would the sentence be too harsh? Would he be unjust? Of course not! The judge is an expert in the law and he himself saw the whole act and he would render a perfect and just sentence. Imagine if every judge on every bench had that type of inside knowledge for every case they passed judgement on. Unfortunately, there is no such human judge. However, there is a judge who is like that and it is God.

God knows every deed whether it is done in the open or in the secret, whether good or evil, He knows it all and He sees it all. Additionally, the book of Hebrews also tells us that God’s Word “discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12) so not only does God know what we have done but His Word exposes why we did it. What then will be God’s judgement? Will it be wrong? Too harsh? Unjust? Of Course not! God will render a perfect and just judgment because He is an eyewitness to both the actions and the thoughts and intents (motives) behind the actions. The question is, what will His judgment be on your life? That is a scary thought. Just think, God will not only judge all of your actions but also all of the motives that were behind those actions. Here is a scary question to ask yourself: How will I fare before God when He judges the motives and actions of my life?

Let me level with you, you will not do well, nor would I.

Unless, you knew someone who could be your spokesman or your mediator and who could go to God and get your record justly and rightly cleared before Him. Someone who could get your case legally satisfied before God so you would not have to endure God’s righteous and just judgement on your life. Someone that could satisfy God’s wrath and get you right with God. Praise be to God, there is such a mediator and His name is Jesus Christ! (1Timothy 2:5) He lived a perfect life, He suffered God’s judgement against your sins on the cross, He satisfied God’s wrath so that you wouldn’t have to, and after three days He rose from the dead conquering sin and death just as He said He would, and He now sits at the right hand of God interceding for those who put their faith and trust in Him. (Romans 8:34)

Have you done that, have you placed your faith in Jesus to save you from the wrath of a perfect and holy God? To be clear I am not asking if you believe that Jesus existed. I am asking if you are trusting in what Jesus did on the cross to save you from the wrath of God against your sin. Trusting that Jesus paid it all and all to him you owe. Trusting that Jesus lived a perfect life and when that perfect life is applied to your account (by putting your faith in Him) it is enough to satisfy the just sentence of God against you. Trusting that on the cross God treated Jesus as if He had lived your life and by putting your faith in what He did God now treats you as if you had lived His perfect life. If you are trusting in this way then the perfect sinless record of Jesus will be applied to your account and you will be saved. Are you doing that or are you trusting in something else? Are you trusting in your Bible reading, your church attendance, your success, the amount of money you have, or the amount of “good” works you do? If this is you and you are trusting in what you do remember that God sees both the action and the motive, the good and the evil and He will judge accordingly.

In conclusion, you have two choices:

  1. Stand before God and be judged according to how you have acted and the motives behind those actions and suffer the consequences now and for all eternity
  2. Stand before God and be judged according to how Jesus lived, acted, and thought and enjoy the consequences now and for all eternity

I implore you by the mercies of God, choose option #2.


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