Book Review – Byron Yawn “What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him”

Today we are going to be doing a little book review of “What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him” by Byron Yawn which is put out by the good people at Harvest House.

I am a big fan of Byron Yawn. I actually first heard about him when excerpts of this book began being posted (especially the one about Hugh Hefner dying alone) on some of the blogs I follow which were being used to tease out its release. From the title alone I knew I needed to read this book, and so should you.

Yawn does a great job of calling men out to be men, to be strong godly leaders in the family, the church and even the community. He deals directly with difficult yet prevalent issues and he does not mince words. Byron does a great job of using effective word pictures which help illustrate his points, most often drawing from general man knowledge such as Rambo, The Bourne Identity, and The Sands of Iwo Jima (you must never admist that you haven’t seen these films).

Though the author is very straightforward and makes some hard calls on our lives as men he also effectively uses humor to illustrate his point. Most often these humorous illustrations are taken from his own life which gives the material an endearing effect and helps the reader understand that the material the author is teaching through has been applied to his own life.

Yawn draws heavily on the influence of godly men in his own life, the chief of which is Dr. Victor Yawn, the man who was his father. This was a powerful testimony for me because I lost my father almost four years ago; at about the same age Byron was when his father passed. As he uses examples from the life and death of his father, my own memories flooded my mind. His own account rang true with my own.

Though the author does rely heavily upon the godly men who have influenced him there is no greater example or material in the book than what is drawn from the life of the perfect God-man Jesus Christ. Jesus is the example and Yawn does a very good job of explaining and reminding us about this.

In conclusion, this book is very engaging and convicting is a must read for all men. This book is going to be one that I refer back to, recommend, and give away very often in the future. Please check it out and be blessed.

You can find this book here: Amazon  , Barnes and Noble , Christian Book Distributors

To get acquaited with Byron Yawn check him out on Twitter @ByronYawn , to check out his sermons go here , or check out the blog where he contributes

grace and peace


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