Harvest House Publishers – The New Inductive Study Bible NASB

I recently discovered a new Bible that I had never previously heard of, its called the Inductive Study Bible. I discovered it when I began a study of the book of James using the Precepts Ministries study guides. I had been researching thier method known as “the inductive method” and I kept seeing a reference to thier Inductive Study Bible. I was very curious and began to seek this Bible out. By the gracious hand of Harvest House Publishers I was given a copy to review here.

This Bible contains so many great helps that it is impossible to highlight them all in one blog post. This Bible is unlike any other Study Bible that I have seen because it does not really have study notes, instead it has helps and tools that equip you to study the Bible for yourself. It does have introductions and insights but it is all up to the individual to put the study notes in the wide margins provided. This Bible is a great tool that every serious student of the Bible needs access to. You can purchase this Bible at these locations ( Amazon, CBD, Precepts). 

A word of caution and explanation. There are basically 2 editions: The International Inductive Study Bible (IISB) and The New Inductive Study Bible (NISB). The IISB is the original Inductive Study Bible and it does not have the Updated 1995 NASB text, is much larger, has wider margins and larger text, and is out of print. The NISB is the updated version of the IISB which is smaller, has more texual helps, smaller magins, and smaller text.For Size comparison scroll all the way to the bottom of this post where I compare the 2 IISB of old against the NISB.

Here are the basic details for the New Inductive Study Bible NASB

Format: Hardcover

Number of Pages: 2240

Vendor: Harvest House Publishers

Publication Date: 2000

Dimensions: 9.5 X 6.5 X 2.25 (inches)

ISBN: 978-0-7369-0016-4

References: Side Column

Text Layout: Double Column|In-Text Maps/Charts|Single Column|Wide Margin

Black Letter

Updated 1995 NASB Text

No Ribbon Markers

32 page guide to carrying out the steps of observation, interpretation, and application

Step by step guide for marking and studying a text

More Compact size than previous International Inductive Study Bibles

Individualized instructions and overviews for every book of the Bible


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