Daily Reading 7.29.13 – John 13

Going to maybe try to start posting some daily reading blog posts again. Any feedback would be great whether there is a way I can make it better or you see something where I am in error or you would like to add something to the conversation. My goal is to spark conversations about the word and to share what the Lord is showing me as I go to His word. 
Very touching and tender at the end of John 13:1 “…He loved them to the end” that is so encouraging and amazing to see the enduring love that Jesus had for them despite all of thier weaknesses. Another way to translate “to the end” could be “to the uttermost” or He loved them “eternally”. His love was unshakeable.

Amazing to see the humilty of Jesus that is in verses 3-4. With His complete soveriegnty (the Father has given all things into His hands) and His deity (He had come from the Father and was going back to God) in full view, Jesus girds Himself to serve the disciples. He willingly takes on the task of the lowliest of servants. The juxtoposition of His diety with the nature of the slavish task of washing feet is staggering.

May I never say “I am too high to do such a low task” or may I never think “I am too good for that”…
John 13:17 – The stark contrast of hearing and doing. Here is a simple logical equasion.

you KNOW + you DO = BLESSED


The case in point would be Judas. Judas is in the audience that this message was delivered to, he heard the message, he had his feet washed by Jesus, but his actions never lined up with what he knew. A good reminder to be a doer of the word and not a hearer only (James 1:22)


One thought on “Daily Reading 7.29.13 – John 13

  1. Great reminder and what a way to start my day. It is also helpful to me since I’m going to the house of blessing this week and a couple of the ladies who are difficult have been really stirring up strife and I was not looking forward to going down there.
    This is helpful for me to remember that I am here to follow Christ’s example and be ready to lay down my life on His behalf. It is not about me, as your dad said often.

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