What happenend with Judas?

The other day I was listening to a sermon where the preacher explained that some people (not himself but others) believe that Judas really wasn’t that bad of a guy. In fact, some who hold that position actually go so far as to say that Judas was a good guy and was actually helping Jesus out by accomplishing the will of God by betraying Jesus and having Jesus killed. Well the preacher adequately dismantled those ideas and went on to show from the Word how Judas was actually not a good guy and wasn’t “helping Jesus out” as if Jesus even needed Judas help.

This morning in God’s sovereignty my reading plan found me in Acts 1 and with the subject of Judas still fresh on my mind I noticed some particular things here said about Judas that simply devastate the notion that Judas was truely a redeemed person. Take a look below:


v16 Peter is seemingly trying to comfort the people who are troubled by what Judas did. Why would he do that if Judas was truely a redeemed person and on the up and up?

v18 His actions are referred to as “the price of his wickedness” – notice his actions were not “helping Jesus out”

v20 let his homestead be desolate & let another take his office – notice, he left that office, what office? The office of the ministry and apostleship (v.25). How can he leave those things and be a truely redeemed person? Did not this man walk with Jesus? Was not this man taught directly by Jesus? Surely he was and this was a wholesale rejection on his part.

v25 “this ministry and apostleship from which Judas turned aside to go to his own place” – Judas turned aside and went to his own place, away from the ministry, away from his office of apostleship, and away from Jesus. He went to his own place, he didn’t want Jesus

The cumulative nature of these verses and how the not yet formed church of Acts 1 viewed Judas and talked about him crush the idea that Judas was a truely redeemed person. He left, he turned aside, he went to his own place.

If you are interested in this topic some more, here is an excellent sermon by Jack Hughes click here. If the link does not work, simply go to www.calvarybiblechurch.org and type “The Chosen Apostles – Judas Iscariot” in the search box and it will be in the sermon media.


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