Job 26 is a great chapter that describes Gods majesty. It talks about how:
– He helps the weak (v2)
– He counsels the unwise (v3)
– He is self sufficient (v4)
– the dead tremble at Him (v5)
– Sheol and Abaddon are naked before Him (v6)
– He stretches out the north and He hangs the earth on nothing (v7)
– He binds up the water (v8)
– He covers the moon (v9)
– He has defined the horizon (v10)
– the pillars of heaven tremble at Him (v11)

Behold, these are the outskirts of His ways, these are the fringes of this great God. We truly serve a great God, these huge themes of God as Creator and Sustainer are just the outskirts of His ways, they are the fringes.

Here is a song by Shane and Shane based off this chapter.