Daily Reading

Psalm 7:9-17
– God is righteous.
– God is a righteous judge. He tries the heart and the mind. He judges the wicked and saves the upright in heart.
– Vivid word pictures used here: sharpens His sword, bent his bow, prepares deadly weapons, arrows fiery shafts.
– But God is a shield and saves the upright in heart from His judgement

Proverbs 1:26-29
– The ones who reject Gods wisdom will fall into calamity and wisdom will mock them. They who once rejected will then call out for wisdom but wisdom will not harken to their call.
– I can’t help but think of mans rejection of Christ here
– Reminiscent of Romans 1 where man exchanges the truth of God for a lie and then God gives man over to himself

Matt 8:14-9:8
– Jesus is man, He got tired and fell asleep in the boat. Jesus is God, with a word He rebuked the winds and the sea.
– “What business do we have with each other Son of God? Have you come to torment us before the time.” Demons know the right facts and they aren’t saved. Also, they know there is an appointed time in the future where they will be judged, and this was not that time. Salvation is more than head knowledge, like Psalm 7 above “God tests the hearts and minds”.
– The demons speak to Jesus as their authority. They even show respect for Him. The ask permission to go into swine. Jesus is more powerful than they and it is clear to them.
– Jesus frees the city from the demoniac and they respond by telling Him to leave…what?
– Jesus is God, He knows what the Scribes are thinking and answers their thoughts
– Jesus is God, He has authority to forgive sins

Genesis 22-24
– God tested Abraham.
– remember in James 2 where it says that “Abraham was justified by works when he offered Isaac on the alter”, well Abraham is walking into this even a man justified before God by faith from back in Gen. 15. This event of sacrificing Issac is how a justified man acts. Faith without works is dead. Now we read that God is testing Abraham, which is also a theme of James. God tests to prove the genuineness of faith.
– language is so reminiscent of the relationship of God the Father and God the Son – take your son, your only son, whom you love (used in 2,12,16)
– the language also forces Abraham to take Isaac not Ishmael. The language also discounts Ishmael and calls Isaac Abrahams only son, the son of promise
– Hebrews 11:16-19 says that Abraham believed the God could raise Isaac from the dead. He knew Hod would have to do something since He promised blessing through this son, and God cannot lie.
– this test is unthinkable for me. He also had a three day journey to think about it. Abraham passed the test and proved his faith.
– Abraham was actually going to do it! Crazy! He traveled three days, he walks up the mountain, wood, fire, rope, knife. Instead of a murder trial Abrahams faith was on trial and there is plenty if evidence and motive to prove him guilty of faith in God
– Abraham feared God and thus was willing to kill his son. Do not fear those who can kill the body but fear Him who is able to kill the body and cast into hell.
– Abraham is not only a friend of God, but he also has the respect of men
– Abraham was blessed in every way by God (24:1), that doesn’t mean his life was easy, in fact his life seems to be difficult, but I most cases he deals honorably and God blesses him. Aside from lying twice bout Sarah being his wife he lives a life above bar. He humbles himself and God exalts him. God opposes the proud but gives grace to humble.
– Abrahams servant models same type of faith that Abraham does. People are watching us.


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