Daily Reading 2.13.2014

Psalm 23
The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want, He leads me, He guides me, why? For HIS names sake! It’s about Him not me. The more glory He gets the better off I am.
Proverbs 4:21-23
Gods wisdom needs to b kept in the midst if my heart
Gods wisdom brings life and health
I need to watch over my heart with all diligence
Out if the heart flows the springs of life
Matthew 26:57-75
Simply amazing, Jesus kept silent during the false accusations and illegal trial by night at the house of Caiaphas the High Priest
Verse 64 Jesus finally answers His accusers “…you will see the son of man sitting at the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven”. I just lead our home discipleship group through Acts 1:6-11 on the ascension and this phrase is so powerful. Jesus ascended in a cloud (a sign of Gods presence/approval) to the right hand of God the Father where He has been ministering to the saints for 2000+ years. He is our mediator, advocate, intercessor, head, savior, etc. Though the ascension marked a close to His direct on earth ministry, it was the beginning if His heavenly ministry from the right hand of God the Father and one day, Jesus will come back in the clouds of heaven. To us this may not be as strong of a statement but look at response of the high priest in v65 he tore his robe and said “He (Jesus) has blasphemed!….He deserves death!”
Peter denies The Lord three times and weeps bitterly
Exodus 31-33
God gifts certain men with certain gifts and a special anointing of the Spirit of a God for a period of time to build the temple and make the garments. Notice God doesn’t give them a task without also giving them what they need to accomplish the task, He doesn’t command them to do all that work and then not provide them with the necessary tools/resources.
I’m often quick to judge the Israelite’s but this morning it hit me, Moses was up on the mountain 40 days and 40 nights, that’s over a month! That’s a long time! And it seems that in some way or another the cloud was only there for 6 of the days (Exodus 24:16). Now I’m not saying they should make the golden calf but I wonder what I would have thought if I only knew what they knew and was in that spot…
Moses prays for God to not wipe out His people for the sake of His own name. Moses is consumed with God getting the glory.
That same passion for Gods glory fuels Moses anger towards the people
“…the people were out of control for Aaron had let them get out of control” – poor leadership
Strong words on sin to be heeded from God “Whoever has sinned against Me, I will lot him out of my book” 32:33
33:9-10 a cloud would descend on the tent of meeting every time Moses went in and that meant the LORD was speaking with Moses and the people would worship
Moses begs God “…let me know Your ways that I may know You” – does that describe me? Do I want to know Gods ways so that I can know Him? Or do I want to know His ways so I can know His ways and use that to my advantage? Those are completely opposite though outwardly they may look the same
Moses tells God “if your presence does not go with us do not lead us from here” such a dependence upon God, I need to be like that
Moses pleads with God “Show me Your glory?”

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