The Godly Man’s Picture – Intro and 1 (Forgiveness is the foundation of godliness)

The Godly Man’s Picture

To the Reader
• The point of this book is to describe the type of person that fits Psalm 24:4 “Who shall ascend the hill of the LORD” “He that hath clean hands and a pure heart”
• Godliness is hard to find
• Godliness is about life and practice as much as it is about knowledge
• Godliness gives assurance, gives a sense of God’s triumph.
• Godliness puts a man in heaven before his time
• The pursuit of godliness should consume my time and thoughts

1: For this shall every one that is godly pray unto thee (Psa 32:6) (Forgiveness)
• True happiness does not consist in beauty, honor, or riches but instead in the forgiveness of sin. The forgiveness of sin brings true happiness
• The Hebrew word “to forgive” means “to carry out of sight”, when God forgives us He carries our sin out of sight
• God’s forgiveness lays a foundation for all other mercies
• Forgiveness of sin is an act of God’s free grace
• The root word of “forgiveness” is charis meaning grace. Forgiveness and pardon of sin does not come from anything in us, it is the result of free undeserved grace
• When the Lord pardons a sinner, He does not pay a debt but gives a legacy
• God in forgiving sin, remits the guilt and penalty
• Guilt cries for justice but in Christ God provides a way for His justice to be met and forgiveness to be genuine
• Forgiveness of sin is through the blood of Christ
• Every pardon of sin carries with it the price of blood
• Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin (Heb 9:22)
• Before sin is forgiven, it must be repented of
• Repentance does not merit forgiveness, it is a qualification but not a cause
• God having forgiven sin, He will no longer call it to remembrance
• The debt is paid, forgiven, and no longer recalled
• we are never sued by a cancelled bond
• Sin is cast into the sea like lead that sinks to the bottom, it is not like a cork that floats on the top
• Satan may accuse but Christ will discharge.
• The forgiven soul has much to rejoice about, the pardoned soul is out of the gunshot of hell
• The Pardoned soul may go to God with boldness in prayer
• Guilt clips the wings of prayer but forgiveness breeds confidence to boldly approach the throne of grace


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