Daily Reading 3.17.14


Sin talks to our hearts, it tries to remove the fear of God, it tries to flatter us. If we give in to it our words will become wicked and deceitful, we will cease to be wise and do good, we will plan wickedness upon our bed, set ourselves on a path that is not good, we will not despise evil.

The rest of the Psalm praises God and lifts Him up! His loving kindness extends to the heavens, His faithfulness to the skies, His righteousness is like a mighty mountain, His judgements are like the great deep, He preserves man and beast, He provides.

PROVERBS 7:14-17

The adulterous woman tries to seduce the man by acting religious by saying “today I have paid my vows”.

The adulterous really pours on the flattery and uses language which makes the naive think she came to seek only him, “I have come out to meet YOU, to seek YOUR presence, I have found YOU”. Sexual is can so often be reduced to selfishness, and here the harlot plays to that.

MARK 14:43-72

The entire legal proceedings of Jesus trial are bogus. The leaders were willing to break every rule to get rid of Jesus. These same men who in 14:1-2 said they should try to not kill him during the festivals lest there be a riot of the people” – that same group can’t kill him fast enough in 14:55 ” the whole council kept trying to obtain testimony against Jesus to put Him to death”

Peter denies Jesus 3 times, just as Jesus said. That had to be so confusing. Wait, how can Jesus know so much and know the future and be God but be treated as he is? Thankfully we have hindsight, and so does Peter in Acts where Peter becomes the rock and takes his stand for the LORD.


Gods estimation of Moses – “Moses was very humble, more than any man who was on the face of the earth”. And the LORD defended His humble servant Moses against the proud Aaron and Miriam. This is a good illustration of the truth that “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble”

The 12 spies go check out the promised land and they come back telling how awesome the land is, but they say the people are too strong. Caleb stands up and says “we will surely overcome it” – this boldness and trust in what God promised is what allows him the privilege of being 1 of the 2 people in that generation to see and live in the land.

In the havoc that ensues after the bad report only Joshua and Caleb continue to say they should go take the land. The tell the people that the LORD can accomplish it and plead with the people not to rebel against the LORD. The people seek to stone them but the LORD appears and speaks against the people.

Moses intercedes of people’s behalf and does so with a view to the glory and fame of God.

God says that everyone 20 years and upward will die in the wilderness except Caleb and Joshua. It’s interesting that no caveat is made for Moses who at this point is allowed to enter the land but later disqualifies himself.
“Your sons shall suffer for your unfaithfulness” – man what a bummer
The men who brought back the bad report died by a plague before the LORD, only Joshua and Caleb were spared


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