Daily Reading 3.20.14

PSALM 37:22-32

When the someone who trusts in the LORD falls, they will not be hurled headlong because the LORD holds their hand, but the wicked will be cut off.

“I have been young and now I am old, Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his descendents begging bread” – in my mind I can hear my father saying this verse. It’s probably the verse he quoted most often over the course of my life. We didn’t have a lot and sometimes I would ask him how we were going to make it or whatever and without hesitation this verse cane from his mouth. Dad believed in a big faithful God.

While the righteous are preserved and provided for the wicked are being prepared for destruction .

PROVERBS 7:25-27

Speaking of the adulterous, Do not turn your aside to her ways, do not stay into her paths, many are her victims, numerous are her slain, her house is the way to the place to the dead, depending into the chambers of death. Stay away! Flee!

LUKE 1:1-25

Luke and Acts are 2 volumes of the same story written by the same author. Luke is very detailed and has “investigated everything carefully from the beginning” and is writing so that we may know what is the “exact truth”. Luke is the most accurate historian in history and his 2 volumes(Luke and Acts) have stood the test of time and been proven over and over again.

Some unique emphasis in Luke are: Luke talks more about women than the other gospels, he is interested about the Holy Spirit, and he cares about Gentiles. Luke is seeking to portray Jesus as the Servant, whereas Matthew presents Him as King, Mark presents Him as Man, and John presents Him as God.

Luke gives us the birth accounts of John the baptist and Jesus which no one else gives. The main characters are women (Elizabeth and Mary) and the Holy Spirit who indwells John The Baptist in the womb and Jesus is conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Elizabeth and Zechariah were blameless in Gods sight, not sinless, blameless. Yet they struggled. Do not be surprised at trials, trials are not signs that God is mad at you, in fact trials are most often the very instruments of His blessing.

Be careful about asking a sign from God. Zechariah asked for one and didn’t get one that was very fun, he was unable to speak until the child came as a sign to him.

Elizabeth says “…He looked with favor upon me, to take away my disgrace among men” – she had been disgraced by this. So sad, before Gods eyes her and her husband were blameless but before man she was disgraced. It is true, man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. But God is now going to remove her disgrace in a big way.


Balak wants to curse Israel so he tries to get Balaam to do it for him. At first Balaam rejects the leaders of Balak because the LORD tells him to. So Balak turns up the heat and sends more leaders who are even more distinguished, they promise him honor and wealth and even to listen and obey him. Balaam refuses the offer again saying “I could not do anything small or great contrary to the command of the LORD my God.” The men stay the night and God tells Balaam to go but only speak what He tells him. So Balaam goes, by command of the LORD. But the LORD is angry that he goes. ..why? Well in verse 32 the Angel of the LORD says that the way of Balaam is contrary. This seems to imply that in his heart Balaam wanted the honor and riches. He even admits his sin and asks if he should turn back. He must be reminded a second time to speak only what God says.
Balak proceeds to take Balaam all over the place to try and curse Israel but Balaam learned his lesson and only spoke the word of the LORD. Balaam reminds him that you cannot curse what God has blessed.


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