Daily Reading 3.24.14

PSALM 38:1-12

Sin is a heavy burden, it is a wound that grows foul and festers, it causes physical pain, it causes emotional pain, it causes groaning and sighing and throbbing, friends and kinsmen leave. Sin is bad news and I must be quick to turn and repent.


Do you want to be righteous, and prudent, and wise, and noble, and right, and hate wickedness and have no perversion? If yes, speak the truth, the truth produces those things.

Luke 1:57-2:7

Elizabeth’s neighbors heard what God had done and His great mercy towards her and they were rejoicing with her. God removed the shame and the disgrace and replaced it with joy, for His glory and her good. God put Himself on display in her life. Does that describe my life? Is God on display, or am I?

Interesting, Zecharias didn’t get his ability to speak when John was born. It wasn’t until the neighbors wanted to name his son Zechariah Jr. that he was able to speak and man did he speak. He said “his name is John”, or more correctly his name continues to be John. Everyone is astonished. Zechariah explodes and speaks praise to God! Fear fall on everyone because of how amazing it was. Again, God is on display. What an amazing set of parents for the greatest man that was ever born of woman, John the Baptist.

The event is so clear the people begin to say “what will this child turn out to be?” For the hand of the LORD was certainly with him.

Caesar Augustus wanted a census taken of all the Roman Empire, but God wanted Jesus born in Bethlehem.

The Messiah had to fulfill every prophecy, and even in His birth Jesus does just that. Joseph went up from Galilee (The Messiah is connected to Galilee Isaiah 9). From the city of Nazareth (Matt 2:23 says there was a prophecy that said the Messiah would be called a Nazarene) Bethlehem (Micah 5:2 connects the Messiah with Bethlehem) of the house of David (Multiple verses connect the Messiah with the line of David but one is 2 Samuel 7). Even in His birth and parental lineage Jesus fulfills all prophecy.

The birth story of Jesus seems very understated especially on the heels of the story of John the baptist.


Census taken of the people

The LORD tells Moses he may go up on the mountain and see the land but he will not be allowed to go in. Moses will die before they can go in.

Moses shows his true colors again as a humble shepherd and his response to the statement that he won’t go into the land is, “LORD appoint a man to shepherd the people when I die” he was always concerned about the people.

Joshua is set forth as the next great leader. Moses sets up Joshua for success. Moses is not bitter or upset with his replacement, instead he had asked for him and does what the LORD tells him.


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