An New Blog to Checkout – Driven Nails by Dr. Jack Hughes

Outside of my mother and my father the first man that really taught me the word of God was Dr. Jack Hughes. My brother introduced his preaching to me and I began to devour any and every sermon I could. When he was preaching it was as if he was talking directly to me, it’s as if he had been watching how I lived my life all week and knew exactly where to cut me, exactly where to drop the scalpel.

God has used this man in a great way in my own life to show me my sin and show me the hope I have in Christ. I will always be grateful to God for how he has used and continues to use this man.

I say all of that to introduce you to a new blog that he is getting up and running. It is all about preaching and preachers, teachers and teaching. It’s about how to study the Bible. Be patient and check in at his site often, he always has thoughtful Biblical content to offer.

Here’s a link:

Here are a couple of messages by Dr. Jack Hughes


2 Replies to “An New Blog to Checkout – Driven Nails by Dr. Jack Hughes”

  1. Hi Craig; I am looking for Jack Hughes message on “When Church leaders abuse church discipline”. Where do I find it.

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