Daily Reading 2.25.2015

Psalm 2

I am more like the kings of the earth who plot against the LORD and against his Anointed than I would like to admit. I commit sin which God hates. I am like a potters vessel that should be dashed to pieces with a rod of iron. Like the kings of the earth, I must be warned and I must act wise. I should serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling. I must kiss the Son. If I take refuge in the the Son I will be blessed.

Matthew 2

“Where is he who has been born King of the Jews?” That really sticks out today because of what Psalm 2 provoked above. Also interesting that the magi come to Herod and the Chief Priests and Scribes, the very ones who will plot and rage against the LORD and his Anointed One. They didn’t heed the warning of Psalm 2. The magi however serve the LORD and kiss the Son. They have great joy and they fall down and worship Jesus.

It’s pretty amazing that the LORD’S Anointed who will crush the nations with a rod of iron was once a baby who needed to be cared for by Mary and Joseph.

Another interesting connection with Psalm 2, Herod becomes furious when he realizes that he has been tricked by the magi. In his rage he commits mass murder. Imagine how much stronger Gods wrath is which is without sin and rightfully provoked where Herod was not. Herod was doing sin and got mad that his sinful plan was foiled. God is perfect and His perfect holy wrath is provoked every day, every moment. Hard to imagine the great eruption of wrath that is coming. May I heed the warning and hide myself in the Son.

Jesus fulfills so many prophecies at his birth and early life.  Born in Bethlehem. Called out of Egypt. Raised in Nazareth so He could be called a Nazarene. From the line of Judah. Prophecy is being fulfilled left and right. Jesus is the long awaited Messiah.

Genesis 2

“a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife”

Romans 2

“you have no excuse O man…in passing judgement on another you condemn yourself” reminds me of what Jesus said about taking the log out of your own eye before you try and remove the speck from your brothers eye. I better be careful how I judge and live.

“Gods kindness is meant to lead you to repentance.”

“Its not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God but the doers of the law who will be justified”

The conscience either accuses or excuses. What does mine do?

A day is coming when God will judge the secrets of men by Christ Jesus. What are my secrets? How will that judgement go for me?

Seek praise that is from God not man.

1 Thessalonians

Paul suffered and was shamefully treated because of how he boldly declared the gospel. I should expect the same result and not be surprised by it. If I am never treated this way then there may be questions I should ask myself regarding my faithfulness to the gospel.

Like Paul, I have been approved by God and entrusted with the gospel, therefore I must speak not to please man but to please God who tests the heart.

The prophets were killed. Jesus was killed. Paul was persecuted imprisoned and killed. The Thessalonians were persecuted and suffered. I should expect nothing less. And like their suffering, it must be tied to my allegiance to the gospel and the word of God. This also produces a longing for Jesus to come back.

Job 2

Satan is said to have been walking on and around the earth. Prowling around it seems, looking for something or someone.

Satan, like the kings of the earth in Psalm 2, plots a vain thing against the LORD and his anointed. Like Psalm 2, the LORD will laugh. God keeps putting Job under the microscope. Persecution and suffering, under the surveillance of and allowed by God.

“Shall we receive good from God and shall we not receive evil?” In all this Job did not sin with his lips. – wow

His friends could not recognize him – Satan must have really did a number on Job for this to be true. Imagine not being able to even recognize someone because of sores on their body.

“They saw that his suffering was very great”

Proverbs 2

treasure the commands
make ear attentive to wisdom
incline your heart to understanding
call for insight
raise voice for understanding
seek it like silver
search for it as for hidden treasure
then – you will understand the fear of the LORD and
thenyou will find the knowledge of God
for the LORD gives wisdom

Joshua 2

The people of Jericho hearts melted when they heard about the great acts that God had done for Israel, Rahab says ” For the LORD your God, he is God…” – what a great statement from someone who knew so little

Isaiah 2

Beautiful language describing the mountain of the LORD and the house of the LORD, and how lifted and high it is and how everything will flow to it and people will say to one another “Come let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, that He may teach us his ways”

It appears to be a time when the LORD is reigning on the earth but sin still happens because the LORD shall “settle disputes”. There seems to be a partial lift of the curse. I wonder if this text is good support for the millennial reign of Christ on the earth, it appears so.

REMINDER: A day is coming when everything that is high and lifted up will be cast down. Mental note: I do not want to be an exalted thing on that day.

Acts 2

Pentecost – wow

Just finished studying the issue of alcohol myself and here in Acts 2 those who are seeing what is happening and hear these men speaking about God automatically think they are drunk. Alcohol was closely associate with god “talk”. In the temples getting drunk was how you communed with the deities. Not so with Christianity, and Peter quickly corrects the on-lookers.

Peter preaches the first sermon of the church and it is filled with OT texts and points to Jesus as the fulfillment.

The church grows exponentially.


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