Isaiah 11

Love the opening illustration contrast. In chapter 10 the Assyrian army was like a vast forest that was hewn down when God swung His mighty axe, when He wielded His saw there was nothing left but stumps. With that fresh on our minds chapter 11 opens, “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.”

V1 – a branch from Jesse. Back in 4:2 there is a reference to the Branch of the LORD. In Zechariah there is also reference to this branch: “I will bring my servant the Branch” (3:8) and “Behold, the man whose name is Branch…”(6:11). The Branch is the Servant, Isaiah will expand this Servant concept later

V2 – Jesus, the Righteous Branch, has the perfect resume to be a ruler. He is everything the King of Assyria is not. He is everything Ahaz wasn’t as well. He is wise and understands all things. He is righteous and good. He rules well and everything and everyone prospers under his leadership. Ray Ortland points out that we often think that Jesus is a very nice person but in real life an incompetent person. We think too highly of ourselves and we think too low of Him. The truth is “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ” (Col 2:3). Jesus is the answer to all of our problems. For proof just look at v6-9 and what happens when He reigns.

V6-9 the future reign of the Messiah is exciting and thrilling. It’s beautiful and interesting. It’s not boring and dull as most people think about when they think of life after death. (I am supposing that since this is describing the reign of Messiah on earth this is a Millennial reference). All things are rejuvenated. All wrongs made right. All social and political problems solved by the righteous reign of King Jesus. Isaiah is not telling us how to solve these problems or when they will be solved, instead he is telling us who is the only one who can solve all our problems.

V6 – a little child will lead them. Back in 10:19 it says that there will be so few Assyrians that a child can write them down. Interesting how a child can be such a great illustration.

V8 again the nursing child used to illustrate the innocence and peace of the reign of the Branch

V. 13–14 Israel and Judah will again be at peace with one another and will be united in serving the Lord and coming together. Strong divisions among God’s people are not eternal, that’s convicting for me, even these 2 are able to reunite.


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