“When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark” – John Piper (Ask Pastor John)

worshippageYesterday I heard this great “Ask Pastor John” episode from Desiring God. This content is worth your time and is very helpful. Everyone who leads others in worship through singing should listen and apply these principles. Here is the link “When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark”

A few key excerpts:

“given the hundreds and hundreds of worthy, substantial, rich, deep, old hymns that speak nourishing doctrinal truth, and given the many, many, many new songs of the last thirty years that are solid and Christ exalting and gospel rich and God centered, there is no reason for any church to sing songs that are misleading or even questionable.”

“Here’s another popular lyric that we sang it in Asia recently. I wish they weren’t singing this. It’s very popular: “Like a rose, trampled on the ground. You took the fall and thought of me above all.” That’s not true. That’s not true. It’s not helpful. I’m not frankly even sure what it means. Above all what? Above all other people whom he saved? No, it can’t be that. Above all his own glory? No, not his own glory. Above all what? That was a beautiful song before it got to that line. He saved us precisely so that we could see and savor his glory as the supreme treasure of the universe above all. I’m not sure what the lyrics are trying to communicate, but it doesn’t communicate that to most people.”

Grace and peace…


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